James Routh is a freelance dubbing mixer and sound editor with years of experience of mixing sound for broadcast drama and documentary. He takes pride in his work, which is evident in every mix he does.

Recently James has worked on drama and documentary for such as Coronation Street, William and Kate: The First Year, When Ali Came to Britain and Corrie Years.

Technical Delivery Standards

Technical Requirements – Audio

Sound must be recorded with appropriately placed microphones, giving minimum background noise and without peak distortion. The audio must be free of spurious signals such as clicks, noise, hum and any analogue distortion. The audio must be reasonably continuous and smoothly mixed and edited. Audio levels must be appropriate to the scene portrayed and dynamic range must not be excessive. They must be suitable for the whole range of domestic listening situations. Stereo audio must be appropriately balanced and free from phase differences which cause audible cancellation in mono. The audio must not show dynamic and/or frequency response artefacts as a result of the action of noise reduction or low bit rate coding systems.

For programmes using the EBU Recommendation on Loudness Measurement EBU R128 (August 2011)

All programmes must be mixed to comply with the EBU Recommendation EBU R128. Programmes which have been mixed to the old PPM6 standard will only be accepted by prior agreement with the Broadcaster.

BBC Technical Delivery Standards

The Standards include: Technical Specifications, i.e. the technical production methods which must be used, and the parameters which all material must meet to be acceptable by the broadcasters.

ITV Technical Delivery Standards

The main body of the document outlines the main DPP specification as adopted by all members. Delivery Requirements, which specify the form and layout of the programme material.

Channel 4 Technical Delivery Standards

Every programme submitted for transmission must satisfy a Quality Control process specified by the broadcaster. Any programme failing the QC process on tape or file may be rejected and returned to the supplier for repair.

Channel 5 Technical Delivery Standards

Picture and Sound Quality requirements, which also form a binding obligation on producers of material. Assessment of quality is by nature subjective, and is highly dependent on the nature of the programme. Some of the Quality Requirements are expressed in relative terms (“reasonable”, “not excessive” etc), and it will be necessary to make a judgement as to whether the quality expectations of the intended audience will be fulfilled, and whether the broadcaster will feel that value for money has been achieved.

Audio Mixing

James has extensive experience of digital mixing consoles like the industry standard Neve DFC Gemini, not to mention his experience of Pro Tools, Pyramix and AMS Audiofile.

Short Notice Audio Cover

When you are closing in on your deadline you don't want to be delayed. This is especially so when it comes to post production sound as it's usually the last piece of the jigsaw. If you need a dubbing mixer or sound editor or even an operator to record voice over, contact James on 0779 654 7678 and he'll do his best to accomodate you.

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Audio Post Services

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